There are many great things about owning a home, but one of the most disappointing is that you need to deal with all the repairs that can happen. Home repairs are never easy to take care of. To save money, some homeowners are inclined to do the projects themselves. While doing a project on your own can save money, it doesn’t always translate to a job well done because a lot of the repairs require a professional. Rather than struggle with home repairs on your own or get an expensive professional to do the job, the best way to protect yourself and your wallet is to invest in home projection. Below is an overview of what this usually covers and how it helps you.

What Is Covered

w91Coverage for your home means a great deal of protection. There are usually two levels to this protection – the basic package and the advanced package. With the basic package, you usually have structural issues covered. These issues include problems that can arise with your HVAC system, your electric, your piping, and sometimes even your roof. If your roof is not included in this layout, then you will usually need to add that separately or you can opt for the advanced packaged. For more information, check out

The advanced package is much more comprehensive. With the advanced package, not only do you get the coverage that comes with the basic package, but you also get appliance care. With appliance care, all of the appliances in your home are usually covered. This includes your stove, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer, water heater, and ductwork. Any experienced homeowner knows that appliance coverage is crucial, especially when there is a high level of traffic running through the home. The more traffic that goes through the home, the more likely it is that something is going to break down and require repairs.

Maintenance Care

In addition to the above coverage, another feature that you can expect with an advanced package is maintenance care around your home. For most homeowners, unexpected problems are extremely challenging. To make your life easier and ensure that you are protected well, protection companies will usually send a professional out every once in a while to check that everything in your home is running smoothly. As a result, you won’t need to worry about unexpected problems. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than getting the quality home protection that you deserve.

Owning a home is expensive, so it is natural to want to cut costs as much as possible when it comes to home repairs. In this age of “Do It Yourself” most home owners feel empowered to try and tackle even the most difficult of home repairs. Sometimes however, it may be more cost effective to bring in a professional. Determining when those times are is the pitfall of most homeowners. The right time to call in a professional, is when doing it yourself creates the possibility of it costing you more money if your mess up that it would have if you would have called a professional the first time. Installing a new circuit breaker in your home would very easily qualify as one of those times to call in a professional.

Safety First

w90One of the most important reasons to bring in a professional electrician when installing an new circuit breaker at home is because it is safer. Electrical systems are incredibly dangerous to those who do not fully understand how they operate. Putting yourself at risk just to save a few dollars can potentially end in catastrophe. There are some things that should be left to the professionals because they are difficult, and others because they are unsafe. In this case, it is both.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Dealing with circuit breakers is a large majority of what electricians do all day every day. While the average home owner has probably only seen their own circuit breaker, electricians have seen hundreds. When dealing with a repair that could easily go very wrong, you always would rather have experience on your side. One faulty move and not only could you be in danger, but you just shot the project and have to put more money into it. Electrical problems can quickly become a money pit if you do not know what you are doing, so it is better to have it done right the first time, than done over and over again until your wallet is empty.

Time is Money

The time alone it would take to educate yourself on how to install your own circuit breaker would be enough currency to pay your electrician to do it three times over. At the start of the project, it will look like a day-long venture. Then it turns into a weekend. Before long it’s been three weeks and you still don’t have the circuit installed. Calling and electrician out of the gate will save you all that time lost and frustration spent.

The “Do It Yourself” culture is a growing movement, and for the most part it is effective. However, in instances such as installing a new electrical circuit, it is a smart choice to have an electrician on your side.




Choosing styles for your home can be a challenge, especially with trends that are constantly changing. While it is great to focus on the interior of your home, it is also important to give some care to the exterior. One of the most significant debates regarding the exterior of your home is what type of shutters you should use. These days, many seem to be questioning the whether plantation shutters are worth buying. The reasoning behind this is that some believe that these shutters make your home look dated. To help you decide, below is an overview of these shutter that also addresses whether your house will look dated if you install them.

Type of Style

First and foremost, whether or not these shutters are an outdated mode of fashion for your home is going to depend upon the style you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are looking to achieve an old southern style look for your home, then these shutters are ideal. On the other hand, if you have a modern look or a contemporary style, then these shutters are certainly not the best option for your home. These shutters that you need to use for your home should adhere to the overall style that you want your home to reflect.

Cost of Shutters and Updating

Another relevant factor that you need to take into consideration in regard to these shutters is that if you have them, what the cost of updating them us. While in most homes these shutters are going to look outdated, you can easily update them to look more modern and contemporary and at half the cost of what you would pay if you were to completely renovate your home’s shutters. On the other hand, if you are newly installing these shutters, then you also need to understand that it may be a bit costly and not always a fashion forward decision.

What You Like

Finally, at the end of the day, what really matters is whether or not you like the shutters. If you enjoy the look that the shutters provide and if you believe that it is relevant to your home’s ultimate style, then it doesn’t matter if others view these shutters as an outdated mode of fashion. You should always choose styles that are best for you and your home when decorating.

What Can Go Wrong With Gas Burners?

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Regardless of your appliance’s age, it isn’t uncommon for appliances to require repairs and maintenance. The problem is, every appliance is different. For example, if you are dealing with gas burners, which are usually reliable, it isn’t uncommon for issues to arise. When issues arise, you may be required to spend a great deal on repairs. Rather than put yourself in the position of having to repair your appliance, it is simply better to be aware of how risk your appliance is. Below are the most common issues that gas stove tops can have.

Burners Don’t Light


The most common issue that arise with these types of burners is that the burners themselves fail to light. When faced with this type of issue, you’ll notice a consistent clicking sound but the fire will fail to ignite. In order to fix this type of problem, you simply need to remove the metal pot holders and clean around the igniter portion of the stove top. The failure to ignite is usually due to debris or food that is stuck around the proper tool. After you’ve cleaned the area properly, simply put the metal rack back and try turning the stove on again. If it doesn’t work, you may have a more serious issue.

Debris Around the Burner

After a long period of time of stove use, you’ll eventually notice black debris accumulating around the burner itself. This isn’t food that falls into the stove, but ash that builds up from the burning of gas. Gas does not burn as cleanly as most people are led to believe. The issue with this ash is that it can easily clog spillage that falls from the burner. To resolve this problem, you’ll want to consistently clean around the burner so that ash does not accumulate.

Clogged Tube Jets

Finally, there is the potion that leads the gas to the stove. Like other portions of a gas stove, the tube jet that directs the gas can also become clogged. This is one of the most dangerous types of issues that can arise and it can be resolved by making sure that the area is clean and that the gas tube leads straight into the stove itself. Overall, the key with gas stoves is that you need to be regular about the maintenance and you also need to make sure that your maintenance is done well.

What Should Be In A Home Tool Kit?

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Owning a home is a wonderful and exciting experience. Owning your own home gives you the opportunity to manage and decorate your own space just the way you like it. However, there are also a few downsides to self-management. For example, owning your home requires you to also handle all of the maintenance and repair problems that arise. These types of issues can be especially difficult to handle because they require a bit of an ability to be able to do handy work around the house. The good news is that you can easily pick up the skills you need. Aside from skills, you also need a home tool kit. Below are a few of the major components that this kit should include.

A Handy Screwdriver

The first component that your kit should have is a handy screwdriver. When choosing a screwdriver, you can either pick a standard model, or you can pick a few of the most common types of screwdrivers. The most common types include flat tipped screw drivers and star shaped screw drivers.

Bolts Screws and Nails


A few other things that are essential to any kit are bolts, screws, and nails. These come in handy when you have a repair on your hands that needs immediate attention. There are a wide range of types that you can choose from. However, the general rule is that you want a few of the most prevalent models. You also want to make sure that the bolts, screws, and nails that you add to your it are applicable to your own household structures, appliances, and materials.


Another useful item to have in your kit is hinges. Hinges are especially applicable to repairing broken cabinets and doors around your house. Because cabinets and doors fall into disrepair easily, the hinges that you have on hand will make it easy for you to speedily undertake the repairs that you need.


Finally, you also want to keep a number of adhesive substances in case you need to glue or seal certain items in your home. There are a number of different adhesion glues, so looking into the right one for the purpose of your house can make your repairs easier and less troublesome. Overall, having these items in your kit can reduce the stress of repairs and ensure that you are prepared for any repair situation that arises.