One of the most overlooked aspects of any landscaping plan, is a fence.  A fence can add a great amount of appeal to any lawn or property.  There are also many benefits in having a fence, including privacy and security.  So what kind of fence should you have installed?  Well, there are many options when it comes to fencing.  It really depends on what purpose you want it to serve.  Fencing can costs 10’s of thousands of dollars, or a simple chain link fence can surround your property only costing you a few hundred dollars.  The three main types of exterior fencing are wooden, chain link, and vinyl fencing.

One of the most visually appealing types of fencing is wooden fencing.  There are limitless styles and types of wooden fencing so the possibilities are really endless when it comes to wooden fences.  Wooden fencing is perhaps the most expensive option when it comes to selecting a fence.  The installation process is extremely time consuming and labor intensive.  A wooden fence must be installed one slat at a time and depending on the size of the desired fence, can take weeks to install.  The materials involved can also become quite pricey as treated wood has a high price tag.  However, when the job is completed, wooden fencing looks fantastic and provides a level of privacy that is hard to compete with.  The level of customization is also something that makes wooden fencing quite appealing.  Contact a local fencing contractor to discuss the styles that are available in your area.

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Vinyl fencing is another popular option.  Vinyl fencing is often constructed to mimic the look of wooden fencing and it is difficult to tell the two apart from a distance.  Vinyl fencing, unlike wooden fencing, comes in long sheets, or sections and can often be installed in one day because of this.  The sections are simply attached to vinyl posts that are installed in the ground.  Vinyl fencing also comes in a variety of colors and styles, the most popular being white.  One of the best parts of vinyl fencing is the ease of maintenance.  All that is required to maintain vinyl fencing is an occasional power washing.  Also, instead of replacing the entire fence if it is damaged, you simply need to replace a section at a time.

Chain link fence is the most common type of fencing available.  One does not need to search to far and wide to see example of chain link fencing…just look out your backdoor.  It is everywhere.  Why is it so common?  Well, it is very affordable.  Often, chain link fence is available for less than a dollar a foot, depending on the height of course.  The installation process is rather simple as chain link fence comes in rolls and is just unrolled and attached to metal posts that have been dug into the ground.  Chain link fencing is great for keeping your pets from escaping and keeping unwanted animals from entering your property.  Chain link fence can last a long time as well as it is properly maintained.  Most of the time, a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed to keep your fence looking brand new.

So as you can see, there are several options when it comes to fencing.  There is no substitute for a beautiful custom designed wooden fence when it comes to improving the appeal of your property, but there are other, cheaper options available that will also do a great job.