My first experience on a coach bus amazing! I rented the coach bus for myself and my wedding guests for many different reasons.  By renting the coach bus, it benefited myself and my guests in many different ways. The bus was very large and spacious; making it so we all could stretch our legs and recline in our seats to be more comfortable. Since my wedding party was so large, I rented a 56 passenger bus to accommodate everyone with a ride to and from my reception.

It was amazing to rent a coach bus because it had storage compartments. There was enough space for all of my guests to bring their luggage and any personal items that they did not want to leave behind. One of my favorites parts about renting a coach bus was that I was able to book it months in advance so that I could ensure all of my guests a ride so that they would not have to worry.

There are so many different details that have to be addressed with wedding planning and I was worried that renting a coach bus may be a difficult task. Easy enough, it was a stress-free experience that helped to make all the difference. The chauffeur of the coach bus was kind, courteous, and made sure that we were able to enjoy a safe ride to and from the reception.

Long Island Charter Bus

Not only that but, the chauffeur knew his way around the city and was able to get us to our destination without getting lost or needing any directions. My coach bus experience was so amazing because I did not have to worry about any of the hassles of driving or worrying about my guests being late. The coach bus also had a lot of great features that we were able to use for our entertainment while being transported.

The coach bus provided my guests and I with:

  • TV’s
  • DVD players
  • Surround sound speakers
  • Reclining seats
  • Restrooms
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Storage for luggage
  • And much more

My coach bus experience was anything but ordinary and really helped to make my wedding day a much more memorable experience. My guests and I were able to arrive to my wedding reception in style on a clean and sleek bus that was a pleasure to step foot off of. I was so grateful for having such a reliable driver that really went out of his way to make sure my guests and I were happy and on time.

My entire wedding party was so impressed by how great the transportation service was! I could not have imagined the transportation working out any better with everyone driving themselves. The best part was that my guests and I were all able to enjoy alcoholic beverages and not have to worry about driving ourselves to the hotel afterwards.

By renting a coach bus for my wedding transportation, it really helped to make my day more enjoyable and stress-free. My coach bus experience was a memory of a lifetime.